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Joey Delfini

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United States

1- What is it that you collect?
I pretty much collect resin kits, some action figures but not too many, anything shawn nagle does, some comic art and some comic books

2- What was it that brought you to collecting? And what is that keeps you going?
I always collected stuff since I was a kid and it just grew from there as I grew too.

3- When did you start collecting?
I don't even remember. probably around 8 yrs old I started holding on to certain items that I enjoyed.

4- Why (what you collect) example: Batman, Star Wars, Transformers, etc...?
I mainly collect the stuff I collect if I can appreciate the detail and work that goes into the item. It doesn't necessarily depend on the subject. For example I am a big predator fan but it doesn't mean I collect every predator toy or model; I just collect the ones I think are above average in quality.

5- When did you start displaying them?
Seriously starting displaying them around 15 yrs ago

6- How do you get your inspiration to organize and display your collection?
Inspirations to display and organize them has pretty much come down to space now since the hobby is starting to over take the house

7- Do you have a favorite character(s) you collect?
I love the predator, he is the main man

8- Which item in your collection would you say is your absolute favorite and why?
This is a very tough question. It's like asking a parent what there favorite child is. Its probably a toss up between shawn nagle hellboy or his bobafett prototype.

9- Which item was the most difficult to obtain? And which one is your prized possession?
Same as the above answer.

10- What is the oldest item you own? And the one with the most value?
Oldest isn't mean the most valuable to me. portably most valuable is the shawn nagle hellboy figure.

11- What inspires you to purchase an item to add to your collection?
It depends on the quality of the item. If it looks like crap I won't buy it even if I like the character.

12- Customizing figures and statues has become very big, have you ever purchased a custom figure or statue and have you ever tried making one?
I tried customizing my own figure. It was a joe sid generic man which with help by shawn nagle doing the face I made into a pretty mean punisher. I also have a friend in LA that does custom dioramas for my predators which are incredible. (jojo trujillo )

13- What do you think of the custom Craze?
The custom craze is cool. Its a great way for people to make the characters they like and to show off their skills.

14- Where do you make most of your purchases from? ebay seems to be a favorite with collectors these days, are you an ebayholic?
My toys are probably from eBay but my resin kits are usually sent to me by shawn nagle. He usually sends me one of everything.

15- Is your collection insured?
Unfortunately my collection isn't insured I think I should do it

16- What is missing from your collection that you hope to one day acquire?
I would love to own a life size predator; it would be my holy grail.

17- What is the usual reaction when people see your collection?
When people see my collection I think they may think I am a psycho

18- Do you attend conventions for some of your purchases? Could you tell us about that?
I do go to some comic cons, just for fun, but I am a regular at the October Chiller Show where I go to buy some items and party with good friends.

19- Most collectors today go on what they call a toy run, do you participate in that as well? And what are your favorite spots? Do you have a routine?
The best place to get toys is from amok time. If they don't have it they can usually get what I need. Paul is a great guy too and very helpful

20- How do you decide what to take out of the package and what stays sealed?
I usually take everything out of the package. I am not buying the item thinking about what it will be worth. I am old school I like to play with the item and get most fun I can out of it till it goes to display.

21- At what stage do you think your collection will be at 10 years from now, do you think you would have grown tired of it?
In ten years I figure my whole house will be overrun and I don't see my collecting slowing down.

22- What advice would you give someone who just started a collection?
For the new collector, I would advise to buy what u like not what others tell u is a good collectable. it is supposed to be a hobby not another job.


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