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About Eternal Collector

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About Eternal Collector

It's no secret that the toy collecting industry has grown in the last few years. With attendance at comic book and toy conventions at an all time high, exclusive toys flying off the shelves, and new toy lines emerging everyday, it's a great time to be a Collector! That is why Eternal Collector was born in October of 2004. It is a web portal that shows off some of the most beautiful and extensive Collections in the world and gives you an insight into the mind of the Collectors that have invested their time and money into what they love.

Eternal Collector is also a website where you the Collector can learn about how to start a Collection, where the hot stores are, what the latest exclusives are, and see how other Collectors display their prized possessions along with in depth interviews.

Eternal hopes to create a community that serious Collectors visit, learn and contribute all kinds of information for the Collecting world.

"Your site is very well done, as well as your writing and contribution to collectors. There are many good sites, and then there are those that reach a professional level in presentation. I enjoy that feeling at your site."

-Patrick, Partner at



Frank Patz


Frank has been a collector of Action Figures as long as he can remember. A true Collector, he spends most of his time and money hunting down all types of toys. He collects Star Wars, Gi Joe, Superman, Sideshow Collectibles, original Comic Book art, and Swords. "Everyone had a time in their life where they stopped collecting toys, because of school, work, or girlfriends. I have never stopped." Frank started displaying his collection after seeing fellow toy collector Salacious Cray displaying his figures in an old china cabinet. "It looked so cool. You could see your whole collection and it was impressive." Since then, he has been on a mission, looking for new ways to display his collection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I join Eternal Collector?

A: Joining is easy. Register yourself at the message board. Then Contact Us. We will then send you the Collector interview questions. Fill these out and send them back to us along with your Collection photos. That's it!

Q: How can I send you my "Action Shots"?

A: Same as above. Just Contact us in our Action Shots section.

Q: Can I buy any of the Customs on your site?

A: Currently, we are not selling any of the Customizer's Customs. We just feature the customizers work. But we might in the future.

Q: Do you buy Collections?

A: We do now buy Collections! Please try and provide as much information as possible. (Photos would also help!) Then we can quickly let you know what we can offer you.

Q: Can I write an Article or Review for the site?

A: Of course! This is what makes us different. Eternal Collector is your site! We accept all reviews, commentaries, and Articles from Collectors.

Q: How long has Eternal Collector been around?

A: We have been around since October 2004. After only a few short months we have grown into one of the most visited Collectors sites on the web. Thanks to all of you!!

Want to become part of the team?

Eternal is looking for people with the skills and passion in toy collecting who can contribute with articles and photographs. We are also looking for graphic artists and web designers who can create the unimaginable. If you think you can contribute, please Contact Us.

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